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Equipment Rental
Hose floats and dredging pumps

We offer rental for small projects or short term project (Usually less than 6 months). It is a relative inexpensive option for owners to try the equipment onsite after which special customization can be incorporate to suit their specific needs.

We currently have the following for immediate rental,

  1. 4" hose floats
  2. 6" hose floats
  3. 8" hose floats
  4. 10" hose floats
  5. 12" hose floats
  6. HY24 hydraulic dredging pump
  7. HY50 hydraulic dredging pump


We offer easy rental term with a minimum of 3 months. If you decide to purchase after rent it, a percentage of the rent that you have already paid will applied toward your purchase.

If you are interesting in rental service, please email the following information to enquiry@dredge-pump.com or contact us.

  1. Site location/country
  2. Material type
  3. Dredging depth
  4. Dredging volume
  5. Delivery distance