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Are You Using The Correct Pump?
Photo A Photo B Photo C

What is the main purpose of dredging and mining? The main purpose of dredging and mining is to get more and more capacity of material with least amount of water. Unlike, dewatering, transfer water from point A to point B regardless the capacity amount of material.

What are the amount materials you are pumping? Is it lots of water with a little amount of material in photo A? Or is it higher amount of material with moderate amount of water in photo B? Or even higher amount of material with low contain of water? Photo A is the result of using electric sand pump. Photo B and C is the result of using hydraulic dredging pump but photo C attached with hydraulic both side cutters.

Different application will need different types of pump. Hydraulic dredging pump is the suitable equipment to pump solid material. Electric sand pump is only good to pump water with very little amount of sand.

How do we measure the performance of pump? The performance of pump depends on pump capacity and pump head. Pump capacity is the slurry production rate (read more on What Is Your Pump Capacity?) during a period of time; usually we measure in per hour rate. Pump head is the total equivalent height and vertical delivery distance that the slurry; taking into account the friction lose in the pipeline. The relationship between pump capacity and pump head is as the pump capacity goes up, the pump head will drop and vice versa.

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  • Hydraulic dredging pump is good for pumping solid material, while, electric pump is good for pumping water with little amount of sand.

Dragflow, pumping the impossible!