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Can Your Pump Do This?

Doubt with the performance of Dragflow? Watch it with your own eyes to see how the Dragflow Hydraulic both sides cutters increase the capacity of material production. At the same time, you ask yourself, "Can my pump do this?"

Photo A Photo B

Take a close look at the photos on the left and do a side by side comparison. What is the difference?

  1. There is lots of water splashing on ground of photo A but not in photo B.
  2. Photo B slurry is thicker than Photo A.

And you will come out with a conclusion that two photos from above is the result from different location or different type of pump. The conclusion above is incorrect. What I am going to tell you are both of the photos is from same type of pump, same model and same location. How could it be?

Both of the photos are the resulting from Dragflow hydraulic dredging pump, HY85. What difference between both of them is that only photo B is the attached with hydraulic both side. Dragflow Hydraulic both side cutters can able to further increase the material capacity production rate by up to 30%*.

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Hydraulic Cutters from Dragflow


  • Dragflow hydraulic both side cutter able to further increase the material capacity by up to 30%*.

* subjected to type of material, delivery distance, working depth and pump head.

Dragflow, pumping the impossible!