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How Do We Sell Pump?

We have a complete and systematic steps to dredging and mining works, these steps as per below,

  1. Initially, we will need key information to determine whether our pump is suitable for the project. The key information are material type, depth, material volume and delivery distance.
  2. We will conduct a feasibility study to assess the economic and environment impact. A written report based on this study will be review in accordance to current regulation and legislation.
  3. We will have to conduct site visit in order to carry out preliminary survey and the technical study to enable us to determine the correct pump to use.
  4. Upon purchase, we will provide technical support including plant and equipment maintenance. This will greatly improve the cost efficiency and reduce dredging or mining down time.

Our pumps are specializing in material removal and production, which are suitable for mining or dredging application. While we have other accessories which support and helps to increase the material production (hydraulic cutters) and high dredging depth application up to 120m (with pressure compensator) as we understand that the deeper the pump reach, the more material can be dredged. Read more on Can Your Pump Do This? To see Dragflow Hydraulic dredging pump in action.