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The Required Condition For Submersible Pump Applications?
1. The Water Must Be Available And Sufficient

Without water, material cannot be transfer by using pump. The reason being is because water is the medium to transfer the material from one location to another. On additional of that, water must also be sufficient for pumping operation. Lack of water will chock the discharge hose.


  • Inject water to the material to create slurry that increase moisture and is pumpable for pump.
  • Inject sufficient water to the material to prevent discharge pipe to chock during pumping operation.

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Water Jet Ring from Dragflow

2. Submersible Pump Must Operate Underwater

Submersible is design to working o operating underwater to keep itself in cool condition. If it is operate on the surface of water without any accessory, the submersible pump will overheat.


  • Dragflow cooler jacket will keep the submersible pump in cool condition while operate out of water to avoid pump to be overheated.

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Cooler Jacket from Dragflow

3. Loose Compactness Of Material Is Most Desirable Situation

Loose material can help you with the ease pumping operation with the desirable material production rate by capacity.

4. Pumpable Size Of Solid Material

The material must be small enough to enter into pump suction inlet. The size of pump suction inlet present in the technical sheet as solid passage diameter or solid handling diameter.